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About Cream


Ever woke up with dry and tired skin? That may be a cause for concern because your morning skin says a lot about you. If the dryness is bothering you as soon as you wake up, it means your skin is crying for some hydration. Dry skin can mean so many things. It can be because of lack of sleep, dehydration, and even anemia. Sometimes it is due to acne medication and the cold weather. Moisturizing your face is essential if you have dry skin. Aside from reducing chances of skin problems, the moisturizing cream also keeps the skin young-looking. Follow these tips to get the most out of your hydrating cream:

1. Don't overdo it. Simply follow the packaging. If it says you should only put on a coin-sized amount, then don't put on more than this amount. And do not forget the neck!

2. Keep the skin damp before applying the cream. There is a logical explanation why the label says you should put it on after cleansing your face. Applying the moisturizer on dry skin is a big no-no because it will not absorb the moisture. 

3. Pick one that matches your skin type. There are so many formulations out there you might find it difficult to choose which one to buy. Those with oily skin should go for lotions instead of creams. Cream formulas work best for people with dry skin. 

4. Massage it gently. Doing so does not only help the moisturizer absorb into the skin. It also avoids over-exfoliation. 

5. Test the product carefully. If you are afraid the moisturizer could cause breakouts, conduct a patch test on your forearm. Don't create the mistake of rubbing a new product all over the face. Yes, just because the label says it's hypoallergenic means it would work for you. 

Most importantly, make moisturizing a habit. Make the face cream a part of your beauty routine and your skin will thank you for it later.