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About Cleanse


The best facial skin care routine is not only dependant on the cleanser you use, it also involves different products that you apply on the skin every day. It's important to apply them correctly to get the most of each skincare formula. Often, your skin care routine will very much depend on your type of skin. If you've skin problems that need more attention,
your routine will more likely take longer and will require more products.

Below is a simple skin care routine to follow through every day:

1. Cleanse your face. Start with a facial cleanser every morning. But if you prefer doing this at night, use a makeup remover first and then apply some gentle cleanser. This will wipe off dust, dirt, and any unwanted substance of your skin. The foam cleanser easily attracts residue and other dirt particles, though it washes off effortlessly when you rinse.

2. Tone or exfoliate the skin. The toner usually digs into the deeper layers of your skin, removing any unwanted substance the cleanser missed. On the other hand, exfoliation simply banishes dead cells from your face. The exfoliation part should be mild, with minimal abrasive ingredients.

3. Apply treatment products. If you're using a powerful formula that specifically tackles your skin problems, this is a good time to employ them. Whether it might be anti-aging products or acne spot treatments, apply them accordingly. Because your skin is already clean, absorption of the treatment and nutrients will be rather fast.

4. Wear your moisturizer. This skincare formula helps lock in every nourishment your skin acquired from the treatment. Make sure to use the right skin moisturizer based on your skin type. You may use an eye cream afterward if you have any.

5. Use sunscreen protection. You may skip this part at night, but it's important for you to do this skin care routine every morning. Even if you'll stay indoors all day, at least apply some sunscreen to keep the harmful rays of the sun from hurting your skin.

Once you find out what kind of skin you have and what kind of products work for your skin, it's vital to follow a good cleansing routine. Make sure to wash your face twice every day—once in the morning and once every night. You shouldn’t face wash more than 2 times a day unless told to do so by the doctor. Otherwise, follow the skin care routine shared in this guide to keep your skin clean, healthy and beautiful all day.