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Beaubelle Alpine Refreshing Toner 200ml

Leave your skin feeling incredibly refreshed and toned. This toner effectively detoxifies and tightens skin pores, leaving skin visibly cleaner, healthier and smoother with better elasticity and tonicity.


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Capacity 200ml
Effect Rejuvenating, Refreshing, Pore Tightening

Immediately after skin cleansing or exfoliation, take a cotton pad and wet it with the Alpine Refreshing Toner and move with the upward strokes on the face for a refreshing and uplifting result.


This new formulation of Refreshing Toner is made with Swiss Alps Salt that helps to detoxify and purify the skin & other skin normalizing actives. It’s floral and citrus aromatic fragrance makes it a very desirable toner to have, as it is harmonizing the body, mind and soul.   

  • It is specially formulated to tonify, stimulate and refresh the skin.*
  • It hydrates and balances the pH value of the skin.*
  • Regulates sebaceous secretion and tightens cutaneous pores with also pure essential oils that calm the mind and soul.*
  • The skin also looks visibly cleaner, healthier and appearing smoother with better elasticity and tonicity.*
  • More Relaxed! *

Key Ingredients:

Saccharide Isomerate: The saccharide isomerate contains binding sites for keratins that are so strong that they completely adhere to the skin, creating a moisture content that cannot be eliminated by the natural process of desquamation. The saccharide isomerate protects skin from classical symptoms of skin, such as brittleness, roughness, discomfort and itching. It is a good water retention agent. This long-lasting hydration capacity protects the skin from the environmental aggressors (wind, cold, pollution, etc.). 
Hyaluronic Acid: Belongs to the Glycosaminoglycan family. The Hyaluronic Acid is a substance naturally present in the dermis. It is an essential component of the structure of the skin because it allows to hydrate tissues.  It contributes in a significant way to the proliferation and to the migration of cells.  

  • The Hyaluronic Acid has the property to fix an enormous quantity of water (until a thousand times its own weight), and in association with protein, bind water and other cellular elements so they remain intact, forming a matrix that holds skin cells together. 
  • Under critical conditions such as exposure to the sun, cutaneous dehydration and wounds, the Hyaluronic Acid induces the process of recovery and healing. Thanks to its volumizing and moisturizing effect, the hyaluronic acid helps to fill wrinkles. 

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Extract: Is an herbal extract of peppermint made from the essential oil of peppermint leaves.  It acts on the pores and purifying and tightening to reduce skin imperfections and improves micro-circulation. 
Swiss Alps Salt: It’s the salt from the Swiss Alps that helps in skin detoxification and purification. It also aids in the sebum secretion regulation. 
Vitamin B3: Is the physiologically active form of niacin. Vitamin B3 is stable when exposed to heat, light, air and alkali. Vitamin B3 has an apparent role in the synthesis of epidermal sphingolipid, and helps in cell regeneration and dermal proliferation. 

  •  Many clinical studies showed that Vitamin B3 has a role in modifying the cosmetic appearance of skin through suppression of epidermal melanosome transfer with subsequent effect on skin pigmentation, and thus it controls the uneven skin tones on the skin. Vitamin B3 prevents wrinkles and fine lines, brown spots and scars. The treatment helps to fight against skin ageing. Vitamin B3 has anti-inflammatory, hydrating and protective activity against UV. It helps to reduce skin cancer induced by UV. 

Menthol: Colorless, dry, needle-shaped crystals with a characteristic, pleasantly refreshing scent. Menthol is contained in peppermint oil, in Japanese mint oil and in small quantities, in geranium oil. In skin care preparations, menthol has a cooling, intensely refreshing and antiseptic effect. 
Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus) Oil: Eucalyptus essential oil distilled from the Blue Gum Eucalyptus tree. It is extracted from a beautiful, fragrant, tall evergreen tree native to Australia, and particularly Tasmania. Of the 500 types of Eucalyptus tree species which yield an essential oil, Eucalyptus Globulus is the most common for medicinal purposes due to its high cineol (or eucalyptol) content. 

  •  The oil is a colorless liquid with a camphoraceous odor and a woody-sweet undertone. Eucalyptus oil, can kill much of the stapylococcus bacteria and it can also help to enhance the ability of white blood cells as anti-bodies by dramatically stimulate the phagocytic response of macrophage cells, preventing foreign invaders in the bloodstream.  

Lavender (Lavandule Angustifolia) Flower Water: It gives a balancing, soothing, clarifying and normalizing effect around the vaginal area. Also has a light fresh aroma, its scent being described as floral-herbaceous, light, clear, balsamic, with woody undertones, and a camphor note.  
Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum) Fruit Distillate: It has a superior scent as it is obtained by cold pressing the fresh, organically grown lemon fruit. Lemon is a known physical tonic and helps stimulate blood and lymph circulation to effectively cleanse the skin so that skin can function optimally.  It also enlivens the brain and uplifts the body. 
Bitter Orange Flower Water: It is an aqueous solution of the steam distillate obtained from the flowers of Citrus Aurantium Amara. It’s function is to smoothen the skin as a skin conditioning ingredient.


IDEAL FOR  - Normal to oily and combination skin. Helps to improve open pores. Improves lack of energy 

TEXTURE - This product is a lightweight mist.


All our products are 100% authentic.

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