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B.liv Large Pores Family

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Keep you looking flawless all day long with b.liv’s large pores family.



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Capacity 1. Shrink and Tighten plus 15ml (Exp: Jan 18), 2. Shrink and Tighten 30ml (Exp: Jan 18), 3. Glow and Shine 50ml (Exp: June 18), 4. CC Pores Away 30ml (Exp: June 19)
Effect Shrink and Tighten Pores
Made In Singapore

Shrink and Tighten plus

1. use shrink and tighten+ daily, every night after cleanser. 
2. pump 2-3 pea-sized drops of shrink and tighten + onto your palm. 
3. apply over your face and neck using circular motions until fully absorbed.
4. keep the product in a cool place or in the fridge and we recommend to use the it within 6 months after opening. 
5. the product lasts between 2 and 3 months until completely used.
Glow and Shine
1. apply a thick layer over your towel-dried face after cleansing. leave on for 5-10 minutes. avoid the lip and eye area. 
2. wet your face and neck, then massage gently circular motions. 
3. rinse off with plenty of water.
CC Pores Away
apply after moisturizer. using the fingertips, blend well for an even, natural finish. pat on more to build coverage. 

This set included:

1. Shrink and Tighten plus 15ml (Exp: Jan 18), 
2. Shrink and Tightened 30ml (Exp: Jan 18), 
3. Glow and Shine 50ml (Exp: June 18), 
4. CC Pores Away 30ml (Exp: June 19)


keep you looking flawless all day long with b.liv’s large pores family plus. minimize pores with shrink & tighten and shrink & tighten+, exfoliates and brightens your face with glow and shine, and apply cc pores away to give you that dewy and flawless finishing. get that perfect look today! 

Shrink and Tighten plus
large pores diminishing night complex
this pore-diminishing night complex eliminates large pores, while ensuring your skin’s firmness and brightness at all hours.
• reduce the appearance of pores 
• promote a firming effect on the skin 
• unclog pores 
• heal damaged tissue 
• control oil 
• smooth & soften skin
Glow and Shine
glow and shine deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin to reveal a smoother complexion. its powerful combination of key ingredients aid in lightening and brightening the dull and uneven-toned face, to bring out the inner glow and shine.
CC Pores Away
smooth like porcelain, dewy like an angel's kiss. that's what naturally perfect skin looks and feels like. with the effective complexion correction properties, it brings out the natural radiance of your skin to correct your skin’s tone and texture. finally, you can go with the glow, your inborn glow.

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