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Kate Super Sharp Liner EX [#BK-1]
Kate Tokyo
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Super-fine Precision Brush



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Effect Modeling Eye
Made In Japan

Step 1: Hold the pen by the narrower part near the brush and draw a line like you would regularly. The tip fits fingertips well and maintains stability The moderately elastic tip draws a beautiful line to the outer corner.

Step 2: Hold the pen by the narrower part at the middle of the body and fill the gaps between the lashes. You will have a finer control of the pen if you hold the pen perpendicular to the lash line. The soft tip will enable you to fill the gaps without stress.



A super-fine liquid eyeliner that fits fingertips well with a super-fine, elastic and yet soft tip that draws lines dramatically easily. Comes off with warm water. Film type.

BK-1 (Intense Black.)



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