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LANEIGE believes that the key to beautiful skin is “moisture”, hence its pursuit in unveiling every individual’s “Sparkling Beauty”. Through 20 years of research on correlation between water and skin, LANEIGE Laboratories have created scientifically-engineered, skin-perfecting mineral water that both hydrates and doubles the effect of anti-aging. LANEIGE’s Water Science™ technology transforms water into dynamic moisture energy and delivers intense hydration for clear, supple skin.
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LANEIGE is the key to clear, supple skin, it seek to give beautiful transformation not only to your skin but also to your life. The natural moisturizing barrier of skin, which used to be perfect when you were born, loses strength and vitality over time to become the key reason behind damaged skin. As such, the key behind lively and beautiful skin that can defy time is none other than “moisture.” Transforming water, the source of life, into dynamic moisture energy, helping bold and confident young women get naturally hydrated, supple skin anytime, anywhere with the power of water, we present to you the gift of clear, radiant skin.

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