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About Sun Block


Sunscreen, sunblock, and UV cream all have the same goal - to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.
They have small differences: sunscreens are made to protect against UVA while sunblock was made to shield against UVB rays. Regardless, both can do good on our skin. The real question is, what do you look for when buying sun protection products? Consider these tips:

1. Evaluate your activities
Most of us only apply sunscreen when going to the beach. Unless you are always indoors and there are no rays passing through the window, you might not need to apply every day. But if you go outdoors each day, put on at least an ounce.

2. Decide on the SPF depending on your skin color
The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a measurement of the product's ability to protect the skin from sun rays. If you have a very fair skin, use a lotion with SPF 30 and above. If you have medium to dark complexion, go for SPF 15 or less. 

3. Assess your skin type
Those with acne-prone skin should consider non-comedogenic sunscreens/sunblocks that will not block pores. For sensitive skin, experts recommend lotions that contain zinc oxide because it is gentle on the skin. Those with dry skin should use moisturizing sunscreens. 

4. Look for a sunscreen with a broad spectrum

5. Check the labels
Just because the product says it is all-natural does not mean it contains 100% mineral and non-toxic ingredients. Do check the active ingredients - which is the first five ingredients on the list - before making a decision to buy.

We only have one skin. It pays to protect it from the UV rays that can contribute to aging and burning.