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HERMO is an authorised online retailer for BEAUTY FORMULAS

Beauty Formulas was established in 1984 in Leeds, in the north of England. It is one of the most famous brands in United Kingdom. Proudly recognized as an UK Royalty brand as Royal family has been using the products since 1984. Beauty Formulas best selling cleansing tissues using the premium soft fiber sheet with mild natural essence to ensure the best quality , effectively remove all kinds of make up without drying the skin. It fulfils all type of skin needs with different variant , eg. Australian Tea Tree Oil works perfectly on Acne skin.

HERMO Malaysia: Beauty Formulas

Everybody loves putting on makeup, be it simple or elaborate. Whatever your preference, the makeup process proves to be both an empowering and therapeutic experience. The least fun part of the whole ritual is indeed the makeup removal process. Even for those who do not apply makeup regularly, those who stack on sunscreen may also understand that cleaning your face after a long day takes up a lot of time, not to mention energy.

But when a brand like Beauty Formulas, which carries makeup wipes specifically for this, it is definitely a must-have. While makeup wipes normally get a bad reputation, Beauty Formulas certainly change the game for the better.

The Beauty Formulas wipes come in various formulas and each target different concerns, such as the Charcoal Detox Facial Wipes which is formulated with activated charcoal to remove excess oil, dirt and grease and the antibacterial Tea Tree Cleansing wipes which clear spot-causing bacteria on acne-prone skin. Other options of wipes include cucumber, aloe vera, apricot, micellar, argan oil and sensitive ones. Each contain their own healing and soothing properties that not only help to clean the skin but treat it too.

The beauty of facial wipes is that they are completely hassle-free, being totally devoid of the need to lather and rinse. Such a foolproof way of cleaning the face would be your best friend on days when you’re too tired to jump into a full-blown cleansing routine.

On days where you have a little more time on your hands, feel free to indulge in other Beauty Formula products for a thorough cleanse. You’ll find that Beauty Formulas carries its own eye makeup remover, micellar water, facial washes and scrubs from which you could choose.