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HERMO is an authorised online retailer for HADA LABO

Hada Labo products are especially formulated with hyaluronic acid for young and acne-prone skin, to heal and protect the skin from daily environmental stresses. Perfect for young, teenaged skin.

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion: Importance of Good Skin Care

Body lotions are some of the most sough-after products in the cosmetics industry today, and Hada Loba definitely fits the bill. This brand's formulas can be used on a consistent basis, they'll come in various aromas, and they provide beneficial ingredients to fight dry skin.

What Does Hado Labo Have To Offer?
Hada Labo’s range of hydrating lotions is one of the best on the market today. These body lotions seal in moisture, which will translate to a healthier appearance. This particular brand specializes in skin care by offering products that have highly effective ingredients. Hada Labo’s flagship store online on Hermo Malaysia is your one-stop-shop for a range of other skin care products as well, including moisturisers and face wash.

Benefits of Using Hada Loba Hydrating Lotion
The brand's name is a reference to “PERFECT x SIMPLE”, where simplicity meets perfection. Rough elbows, cracked heels and dry skin aren't an option, and here are some of the many benefits of using a hydrating lotion.

1. Locking In Moisture
Re-hydrating the skin is the main goal of hydrating lotions. Cold temperatures can zap away the skin's moisture, while hot temperatures can cause dehydration. Hada Labo lotions will lock in your skin’s moisture after every shower.

2. No More Tightness
Your body will feel more relaxed when it retains moisture. The skin is soft and subtle, which is a deterrent for calluses to form. Say goodbye to tightness and feel more comfortable in your skin after using a body lotion.

3. Silky-smooth Skin
Replenishing dry spots of the skin is another benefit. Hada Labo lotions will give you silky-smooth skin with consistent use. Rough patches of skin near the knees, the ankles or the elbows will gradually disappear, enjoy soft and smooth skin instead.

4. Restore A Healthy Glow
Your skin will begin to glimmer and glow while displaying your natural skin tone. By rejuvenating your skin with moisture, dead flakes of skin will be washed away with relative ease. In a sense, hydrating lotions can provide an exfoliating-like experience, revealing a healthy glow underneath those dead skin cells.

5. Control Sebum While Hydrating
Hada Labo hydrating lotion can be used on all skin types whether it's oily or normal. In some cases and depending on the product itself, sebum production could be potentially decreased with a lotion formulated for oily skin.

Hada Labo’s official online flagship store on Hermo Malaysia definitely has the skin care products to get your skin's health back on track. Their advanced line of lotions raises the bar for hydrating lotions while changing the status quo.