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iFit is a well-known health and beauty brand in Taiwan. Through its health platform, iFit has shared plenty of health-related information in a fun and trendy way that appeals to the younger generation in Taiwan. Having been established for almost 5 years, iFit has accumulated close to 1 million members who cheer each other on in their journey to healthy living. The brand has developed numerous beauty shapewears with unique features that help to enhance one’s health and beauty. iFit’s magnetic therapy range proved to be wildly popular, with over 60,000 pieces sold.
Jun 2017: iFit Flagship Mall 22233
Jun 2017: iFit Flagship Mall 22233 CTA
RM 269.90
Jun 2017: iFit Flagship Mall 22228
Jun 2017: iFit Flagship Mall 22228 CTA
RM 269.90

Introducing the Magnetic Therapy Leisure Bra & Leggings Shapewear as made by renowned Taiwan health and beauty brand, iFit - now available in Malaysia! With the benefits of acupuncture and natural magnetic stones, iFit Magnetic Therapy Leisure Bra helps to firm your breasts while stimulating blood circulation, relieve fatigue and neck pain. Made from high-density fine nylon & 4 magnetic stones, the invisible inlay design ensures optimum comfort for all-day usage. The iFit Magnetic Therapy Leggings are designed with natural magnetic stones that are sewn into the leggings, which release magnetic waves that have a massaging effect on 5 critical acupuncture points to improve blood circulation and metabolism. This meticulously designed legging not only provides the ultimate in comfort wearing, it also helps shape your legs in the process. 由台湾知名瘦身纤体专家 – iFit 爱瘦身所研发的磁石按摩内衣及磁石瘦身热裤现已全面登入马来西亚! iFit 磁石内衣将中华古法及日本磁能原理相结合,研发出这款既可当成美胸内衣又可作为促进血液循环的保健磁石按摩内衣。这款以高密度尼龙纱所裁造的磁石内衣以亲肤及透气为主要考量,磁石直接缝制于罩杯内,无需担心跑位,无论是外出或穿着入睡都没有任何负担。iFit 磁石瘦身热裤透过将双效磁石缝制于5大关键位置,以磁气周波,敲胆经促进气血循环,达致燃脂瘦腹部及提臀的效果。精密的手工缝制及弹性的布料,更能完整的包覆赘肉,让双腿看起来更为紧实,更为舒适自在。

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