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HERMO is an authorised online retailer for MIRAE

MIRAE as known as 未來美 (‘wei lai mei’) which translates to ‘Future’, and 美 ‘Mei’ which means ‘Beauty’. The idea behind the name is the hope our product can bring you a beautiful future as well as beautiful skin. Our mission is to provide harmful paraben-free, safe for sensitive skin facial skincare products that provide the desired results you need.

HERMO Malaysia: Mirae

Beautiful skin, beautiful future. With a name that directly translates to ‘future beauty’, that is what Taiwanese brand Mirae believes in. As creators of skincare and facial masks for the past decade or so, Mirae has saved you the effort of going through countless of products and ingredients to achieve beautiful glowing skin. How do they do this exactly? By creating their signature and best-selling line, the Mirae 8 Minutes Mask, of course! Using this mask not only allows for your skin to absorb nourishing moisture for a perfectly hydrated complexion, but it does so in only half the time and effort. These masks prove to be ideal for those living a busy, on-the-go life with no time for an elaborate skincare regime, but still want healthy, glowing and hydrated skin.

All Mirae masks are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and are safe for sensitive skin, which means that it is suitable even for those in humid climates such as Malaysia. There are plenty of masks up for grabs, each with their potent ability to moisturise, repair, reduce pores, whiten, soothe and more - it all depends on what your skin needs. Mirae also carries aromatherapy masks (for those needing extra relaxation), express facial masks (for those needing an even shorter time for maximum effect) as well as ampoule sheet masks.

Face masks aside, it’s only a given that skincare experts like Mirae should opt to produce their own skincare line called Mirae basic+, which aims to deliver glowing skin to you in the following steps: makeup remover, face wash, toner, serum, lotion and sleep mask. Based on the many Mirae skincare reviews, the ingredients have certainly helped with skin hydration no matter the skin type, and users have boasted about purchasing this more than twice and even consider it a holy grail product in their skincare kit.

Beautiful, glowing skin is only 8 minutes and a click away. Shop for Mirae masks and skincare only at HERMO Malaysia.