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About Heimish
The cosmetic industry in South Korea has engineered many cosmetic products that can match those brands made from developed countries. Heimish, for one, is now gaining international attention for its wide range of beauty products ranging from makeups, lip balms and facial creams. Unlike other cosmetic products, Heimish has this distinct style emanating from its tagline, “No More Normal”. It’s modern, fresh and perfect for Asian skin. Produced by a rising company in Asia, One End, the product line has wide range of products. One of its bestsellers is the Heimish All Clean Balm. Containing natural ingredients and zero paraben, this balm is perfect for cleansing makeup and exfoliating the skin. Perfect for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin, the Heimish All Clean Balm retains the skin’s moisture while removing the harmful makeup residue including dirt. Heimish All Clean Balm contains natural and organic ingredients like shea butter, donkey milk, coconut extract and citrus herb oil. Shea butter contains potent natural vitamins and fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the skin. It also helps protect the skin’s natural oils, preventing dryness and skin damage. Coconut extract has a multitude of health benefits, including preventing skin diseases like infection and restores skin hydration. It helps lock in moisture which helps deal with dry skin. Citrus herb oil is widely used worldwide as a potent skin remedy for various conditions. For instance, it is used to treat blemished skin, remove spots, disinfects the skin, remove dandruff and exfoliate dead skin. Donkey milk has gained the attention of the cosmetic world as one potent skin remedy. It promises great benefits because it contains various vitamins and minerals. It helps slow down the skin aging process, moisturizes the skin and possesses healing properties. Heimish is designed to help protect the skin and at the same time, restore its moisture and remove residue of makeup and dirt. The skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to remove the dead skin and dirt that may clog pores. Fortunately, now you can buy Heimish online at Hermo.my!