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Physiogel official flagship store

HERMO is an authorised online retailer for Physiogel

Physiogel products contain Physiogel BioMimic Technology™, a science that works to soothe, repair, and restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Its skincare range is free from fragrances, preservatives, and colourants. Stiefel skin solutions are trusted by dermatologists and skin health professionals worldwide.

Inspired by the skin’s natural structure, Physiogel BioMimic Technology contains lipids that are similar to those found naturally in the skin and can replenish lipids missing from dry skin.

The lipids found in Physiogel BioMimic Technology protect skin cells, sealing in moisture. The skin cells, surrounded by the lipids, form a protective barrier, not only against water loss from the inside, but also from the entry of allergens from the outside. In this way, moisturising creams and lotions containing Physiogel BioMimic Technology works naturally with your skin and is clinically proven to strengthen and repair the moisture barrier, to keep essential moisture in and damaging irritants out.


Physiogel is marketed under Stiefel, now a GSK company. The company was established in 1847 and worked its way up the skin care industry for more than a century. It has built a strong relationship with skin experts and dermatologists across the globe because of its potency in promoting skin health.

Physiogel comes in various products. Each of the products are produced with the brand name Physiogel and is tailored for a specific purpose and for a particular skin type. Physiogel cream works by locking in moisture and protecting the skin from external irritant. It provides long-lasting moisture that prevents skin dryness, tightness and irritation.

The Physiogel cleanser comes in two variants, the Physiogel Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser and the Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Dermo-Cleanser. Though both work to remove harmful elements on the skin such as dirt, makeup residue and environmental irritants, the calming relief cleanser soothes the skin while providing hydration. On the other hand, the moisture therapy works by locking in moisture while removing harmful elements on the skin.

The Physiogel lotion is for the body's overall use since it can promote healing, hydration and protection. Just like its cleanser range, it has two variants for body lotions, the Physiogel Calming Relief Body Lotion and the Physiogel Daily Moisture Body Lotion.

Known for its hypoallergenic and gentle ingredients, Physiogel is perfect for all ages, even those suffering from certain skin conditions such as skin asthma, atopic dermatitis and eczema. The lotion and cream variants contain ingredients like Glycerin, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil), Pentylene Glycol, Ceramide-3, Squalane and Hydrogenated Lecithin.

Science Behind Physiogel

Physiogel is powered by the Physiogel BioMimic Technology that contains lipids mimicking those naturally found on the skin. When the skin lacks these lipids, it will become dry, sensitive and dull-looking. However, by replenishing them through Physiogel's potent ability to restore moisture and lipid content, the skin will become suppler, firmer and healthier.

Physiogel is indicated for people suffering from dry and irritated skin. It works by nourishing and retaining skin moisture to prevent dryness of the skin. For people suffering from skin condition, Physiogel is perfect for them since it's hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and has no wash out effect. Now, you can get Physiogel in Malaysia at Hermo.my!

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