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Yadah Skin Care & Sunscreens: Look Beautiful, Naturally

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you concerned about the health and care of your skin? Do you want to have young vibrant skin, without the harsh chemicals found in other skin care products? If your answer is yes to one of these questions, Yadah Natural Skin Care is just for you!

Yadah Skin Care is from Korea and caters to all skin types. An extra bonus is their skin care line caters to teens and young adults too. Yadah offers products that are free from sulfates, artificial colouring and animal ingredients. Their products contain natural ingredients and is great for sensitive skin (hypoallergenic).

Besides that, Yadah Skin Care products contain many plant extracts. For instance, the main ingredient used is the Opuntia ficus, a prickly pear cactus native to Korea. You may not know this, but this cactus extract has amazing benefits on the skin. First, it keeps the skin hydrated due to high levels of vitamin E. The cactus oil nourishes the skin and provides moisture needed to prevent dryness and wrinkles.

The cactus plant also has anti-aging properties. These properties will protect your skin from damage that's caused by free radicals. Having tons of antioxidants, wrinkles will have a hard time hanging around.

A popular product that contains this prickly pear cactus extract is a Yadah sunscreen called Oh My Sun Slush. It has an SPF of 50+, and is very different from other sunscreens, as it doesn't have that annoying sticky feeling. With more than 50% organic cactus extract, Sun Slush will leave your skin feeling recharged, moisturized and looking fabulous!

Give your skin what it deserves - loving care that shows with Yadah's range of botanical skin care products. Shop YADAH on Hermo today for paraben-free skin care that will treat your skin right.