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About Innisfree
Innisfree is one of Korea's leading beauty brands which produces natural makeup and skincare products. Innisfree products enlist the power of nature to create beauty products harvested from Mother Nature herself. Innisfree, meaning “island” and “free”, is driven by its five core values: to pursue radiant health and beauty using natural and reliable ingredients, ethical consumption of quality products at affordable prices, an eco-friendly “green” design that preserves nature, promoting an eco-friendly green life using the benefits of nature, and creating sensuous experiences with its various essences. Utilising the potency of ingredients like green tea and clay taken from Jeju Island in South Korea, Innisfree creates unique products harvested from this earth. The volcanic Jeju Island boasts a unique ecosystem of diverse flora and fauna, healthy soil rich in minerals and all kinds of ingredients cultivated in a pristine environment that is untouched by outside pollution. Throughout conscious research and development, the brand continues to search for the purest elements from nature and harnessing its power for beauty and skincare. Each one is then packaged in eco-friendly containers, supporting their value of taking and giving back to the environment. Get Innisfree in Malaysia today!