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About H2O+
Founded in 1989, H2o+ Beauty is an innovative skin care brand that is powered by one of Earth’s most abundant resources – water. It aims to put beauty back in the hands of consumers by highlighting the power of pure water and that the secret to beautiful skin was simple – hydration. The life-giving essence of H2o is not only a powerful element of natural resource, but it also plays an important part in the restoration and rejuvenation of our skin. The brand believes in taking on a simple approach to skin care with no unnecessary additives or complicated ingredients – just pure science and the hydrating power of water. More than 100 H2o skin care products have been created until now – all infused with the purest form of water science can create – with technologically-advanced formulas that have proven to stand the test of time. Their products have become a go-to staple for those who want a simple, effective and pure solution to their skin care needs. Now, women everywhere can buy H2o in Malaysia at Hermo.my. Their range of products solves four different yet common skin problems – it is hydrating, anti-aging, brightening and cleansing. Perfect to target and heal your most common skin concerns with pure, natural ingredients derived from plants, marine life and of course, water. H2o’s Oasis Collection provides continuous hydration for up to 24 hours by helping to improve the skin’s water retention. Hydrate your skin with its best selling range of products that include hydrating boosters, face treatments, eye treatments, face mists and moisture replenishing body creams. Indulge in the power of the sea with their Sea Salt range of body butters, body lotions, body scrubs, body wash and skin smoothers – all made with powerful ingredients gathered from the vast sea. Go even further with Aqualibrium, a range made from powerful marine-only botanicals that is teeming with moisture-reviving qualities not found anywhere else – made into potent cleansing gels, toners, scrubs, eye makeup removers and also moisture masks. For a brighter complexion, see H2o’s Waterwhite range for dull, dark complexions consisting to cleansers, toner and essences. Buy H2o Plus in Malaysia today!