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Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof [#01 Deep Black]

by Kiss Me
78 review


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First try. It really does give me the super long and curl eyelash effect. 4 only because it is very difficult to remove. LOL. Will repurchase again.
Bought it is because of high review from youtuber, and it doesn't disappointed me.
Read a lot of good reviews and watched a lot of youtubers recommending this product, finally decided to give it a try. It really did what it says. Can last for whole day and it is not difficult to be removed. Suitable for daily make up. Recommended!!!
OMG!!! This mascara really waterproof and it so nice!!! Although it is quite hard to be removed, it still fckin useful
really good product that make my eyelash maintain curl and long
Such a good product! Long lasting and doesnt smudge. However, need oil-based makeup remover to completely remove from lashes.
Love this! The result is so satisfied! Gonna try the volume next purchase
Love this mascara waterproof and long lasting
One of my holy grail product. Water proof and most importantly, it wont smudge. Highly recommend.
Bought this based on the cosme review and so far loving it. Really makes your lash curl and long lasting due to its super waterproof...
Can stand for whole day. Kiss me always is mine first choice.
super long lasting and does it job perfectly
Shows long lasting results and really extends my eyelashes ..
Long lasting.... And eyelash really feel long after apply
Long and curl... light weight ... a it hard to remove.. haha
make my lashes become longer ...really like this brand
easy to use and really waterproof! quite smudgeproof too....then susah mok remove .......
Superwaterproof! Need some time and patience to remove it cleanly.
Stubbornly hard to cleanse off with any cleansing oil/makeup remover, but it sticks on like gum and the curls don't budge for the whole day. Doesn't clump up lashes (big plus), but flakes off bit by bit after 6 hours tops.
One of the best mascara ever, curl and waterproof