Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof [#01 Deep Black]

by Kiss Me
65 review


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Long lasting.... And eyelash really feel long after apply
Long and curl... light weight ... a it hard to remove.. haha
make my lashes become longer ...really like this brand
easy to use and really waterproof! quite smudgeproof too....then susah mok remove .......
Superwaterproof! Need some time and patience to remove it cleanly.
Stubbornly hard to cleanse off with any cleansing oil/makeup remover, but it sticks on like gum and the curls don't budge for the whole day. Doesn't clump up lashes (big plus), but flakes off bit by bit after 6 hours tops.
One of the best mascara ever, curl and waterproof
a godsend for monolids! keeps curl whole day and does not smudge at all!
Long last mascara. Black and waterproof. Like
Always my go-to mascara whenever i need them to last all day without any smudging! Super waterproof and sweat resistant.
It does what it claims, it is super waterproof
I've only tested this once but I'm feeling really good about this mascara! It keeps your lashes separated and gives you a very clean, dolly-eyed look. Doesn't smudge and stays on long. One downside for some would be it doesn't give you volume but I do not fancy clumpy, dark lashes anyway.
This mascara is really good and waterproof and it didn't smudge even after the whole day and it didn't form clump when brush so it is quite easy to apply, but it didn't hold the curls for long time.
Try so many mascara Kiss Me still the best, super long lasting and able to hold my lashes curl throughout the day.
Best mascara ever, cheap and nice to use!
Can last for whole day after apply, not smudges. Will repurchase !
I love this! Especially for my stubborn lashes. Now i understand why so many youtubers like it. It doesnt clump up too much and doesnt smudge even after wearing it all day. It holds up my curls very well throughout the day too! :D
nice to use, wont be stick together
Love how my lashes all stay separated and it doesn't clump
waterproof and no smudge after hot day