by Shu Uemura

[Super Mario Bros Edition] Shu Uemura Ultime8 Infinite Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 450ml

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  Swim with mario into the sea of our epic ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil. A sublime combination of eight precious botanical origin oils deliver eight skincare benefits! The silky oil offers deep, effective cleansing in one step without drying out the skin or leaving a residue. The appearance of skin improves over time with continued use for a smooth and toned complexion.   The precious essence of 8 exquisite botanical origin oils has been merged together. Those were carefully sought out from chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world proven to have the highest skincare efficacy for a petal-soft silky smooth sensation.   8 exquisite oils from botanical origin for ultimate solution to 8 skin benefits powerful yet gentle botanical origin removal system for superb cleansing.   Removes effortless all kind of make-up and impurities. Skin feels soften, conditioned, hydrated, nourished from within and glows with a new radiance. Key Ingredients: - Jojoba oil: Contains wax esters to have an effect of collagen synthesis. helps to improve skin elasticity and suppleness - Olive oil: Natural emollient with great affinity to the skins. it is very close to the main components of the human sebum and the hydrolipidic film. has an anti-oxidant effect and lessens wrinkle formation - Ginger root oil: Well-known medicinal oil in asia. fight against skin damage and creates a healthy skin. reduces melanin production and wrinkle formation - Shea butter oil: Rich in triglycerides & fatty acids: similar to cutaneous lipids to help reinforce barrier function for protection from external stress. contains linoleic acid and known to have soothing effect - Corn oil: Provide thin oil layer on the skin surface and protect skin dryness. an emollient effect known to support skin hydration   THIS COMES IN 150ml! Click here to get it!!